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Counterview-II: India is still further away from the EV revolution
Feb 20: India has taken only "baby steps" (as compared to China, for example) and the EV revolution will take a long time to take root.
8There is clear irony in the government wanting to go all electric by 2030 while also planning to increase refining capacity by 50% in another five to seven years. There is also confusing talk of methanol substitution for transportation fuels to bring down the oil import bill.
8India's efforts can best be summed by the fact that the fact that the demand side subsidy earmarked for EVs under the first phase of FAME could just suffice for run 600 EV buses.
8Committing to an entirely different technology (R&D and investments in capacities) requires a clear long-term strategy. In its absence, the enthusiasm for EVs is likely to wane
8India’s electric story is so far not really a story that one can tell.
8India lacks any reserve of Lithium, the primary ingredient for batteries. No serious research also appears ongoing in the development of batteries, the most costly part of an EV currently.
8Frameworks have been drawn up, but they are shallow so far. No boots have been deployed on the ground yet.
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