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Feb 20: 8With less than two years to go until the introduction of the global sulphur cap on the shipping industry, there seems to be little room left for maneuvering. Insurance companies are already making it clear they will not cover fines associated with disobedience of the law. Click on Report for more.
 8Confidence in the growth of the oil and gas industry has risen globally from 32% in 2017 to 63% this year, according to a global survey of top oil company executives. Know more what this can mean for you. Click on Report for more.
 8An international oil major has joined hands with another to build the world’s largest hydrogen electrolysis plant. Click on Report  for more.
 8New US LNG cargoes from new terminals are being contracted out as is evident from a 1 MMTPA deal for 15 years beginning 2019. This will boost FIDs for more projects lining up in the US. Click on Report  for more.
 8Punj Lloyd: Losses continue. Did the company diversify too rapidly? Or was its inability to deal with ONGC's oil & gas projects that brought it to this state? Know more click on Report


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