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IMO to stick to 2020 sulphur cap: Will cheap low sulphur fuel find its way to Indian dual-use factories?
Feb 19: IMO says ‘no turning back’ on 2020 sulphur cap on bunker fule even as members are continuing to press for a transitional period for enforcing the 2020 sulphur cap on fuels.
8IMO reiterated in a message on Monday that there would be no transition period.
8The big challenge for India post 2020 is to ensure that the excess high sulphur fuel is not diverted to India
8The fuel can used for power generation and industrial production and is most likely to be used in Africa, Middle East and Asia
8Excess supply will push down the price of this fuel and make it significantly cheaper than natural gas, thereby enticing dual use furnace owners across India to switch fuels.
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