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Indian line pipe industry-II: What goes up usually comes down
Feb 14: What goes up usually starts going down as well
8In a counter reaction to protective moves in India, the US is planning to impose anti dumping duties on line pipe imports from India
8What the US agencies are taking into account is the fact that Indian companies are availing "countervailable subsidy" that benefits the production of goods doesmtically.
8This subsidy can also be defined as incentives for use of domestic goods over imported goods.
8The tentative dumping margin that is being investigated is a hefty 38% percent
8The US threat could also work as an example for other countries importing Indian line pipes.
8Gains made in India may quickly get negated by dumping duties on imports for Indian line pipe manufacturers, thus circumscribing their attempt to increasingly assert themselves as global players. Click on Report  for more.


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