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Rs 10,000 crore urea-ammonia project solicits environment clearance
Feb 13: Ammonia-Urea & Captive Power Plant Greenfield Project  
8Cost - Rs 10741 Crore
8Project Event: The company has elicited the environmental clearance recently for its greenfield coal-based ammonia-urea plant with a capacity 2200 MTPD of ammonia, 3850 MTPD of urea and 70 MW of Captive power plant in India.
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 Naptha to Natural Gas Feedstock Conversion Project 
8Cost - Rs 250 Crore
8Project Event: Tender out for NG Preheater (D1153) and NG feed Preheat Coil(D1206) and bid closing date is 9 March 2018
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Ammonia-Urea Annual Shutdown Maintenance Project
8Cost - Rs 20 Crore
8Project Event: Tender for a registered maintenance contractor is likely to be released in July 2018
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