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Feb 12: 8BharatPetroResources Ltd is on an expansion mode and is looking for new suppliers. Find out more click on Report.
8BPCL has awarded a contract to an Indian company for a 2G bio-ethanol plant. This was done after its knowhow was found to be satisfactory in another site. Know more click on Report .
8Find out more on how multinational auto companies are localizing themselves to take on domestic majors in India. Click on Report  for more.
8The oil ministry has roped in private companies to help in their outreach programmes to investors. Find out how click on Report.
8Spot LNG delivery prices are high. Cargoes for delivery in the first half of March are trading between $10.70 and $11 per mmBtu while cargoes for the second half of the month are trading at just above $10 a barrel. Click on Report  for more.
8Find out more on the Gwadar port development plan, including an extensive master plan, that the Chinese have put into implementation. It includes an LNG terminal as well. Click on Report  for more.
8Know more about four undeniable facts:
-- The United States is turning into the undisputed global leader for oil & gas
-- Solar PV is on track to be the cheapest source of new electricity in many countries
-- China’s new drive to “make the skies blue again” is recasting its role in energy
-- The future is electrifying, spurred by cooling, electric vehicles & digitalisation
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8Know more on Bangladesh's quest to achieve a power generation capacity of an impressive 36,000 MW by 2021. Click on Report  for more.
8The stock market crash has brought about a revision in the global economic outlook. Here is an exhaustive report. Click on Report  for more.
8A big petrochemical conference is coming up in India. Find out if you should attend. Click on Report  for more.
8Know more on how an international water treatment company is quietly making vast inroads into the Indian market. Click on Report  for more.


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