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Feb 09: 8The Discovered Small Fields Round-II will offer 60 discovered fields. The fields include those which have been relinquished, and those that were left over from Round-I. The government, mysteriously enough, has pegged employment generation at 80,000 people, directly and indirectly, from the monetization process. Click on Reports  for more.
8There were in all 8 key proposals in the budget that impacted the oil and gas industry. Find out which were the ones. Click on Reports  for more.
8If you are a petroleum product supplier, here is a global map of product supply-demand imbalances which allow for arbitrage opportunities. Find out more click on Report.
8The website also carries here a the net product tanker fleet today, including age and scrapping profiles. The order book schedule is also documented. Click on Reports  for more.
8Did you know that confirmed VLCCs on order are less than the number of ships needed to replace existing VLCCs of 17 years of age or older? Then again, that orderbook non-deliveries have averaged 30% since 2010? Also know more on VLCC net fleet, age profile + historical scrappings. Click on Reports  for more.
8Know more on a global company's portfolio of pumps, seals, valves and actuation and how it is trying to make big inroads into India. Click on Reports  for more.
8Work on the the provision of offshore-cum-onshore pipeline and terminal works for Fifth Oil Berth Project by Mumbai Port Trust is expected to be completed by May, 2019. Know more about the contractor and whether there are any subcontracts still left to be awarded. Click on Reports for more.
8The latest estimate for 2019 is that US crude oil production will average 11.2 million b/d. U.S. crude oil production averaged 10.2 million barrels per day (b/d) in January, up 100,000 b/d from the December level. Know more click on Report.
8If you are looking for a finer reading of the Union budget and its implications on the oil & gas sector, here is one such report.
8EVs are coming fast, but it is still too early to write the obituary for oil. Click on Reports for more.
8Find out more on how Earth Observations Data plays a role in petroleum and natural gas studies. Click on Reports  for more.
8Find out more on why a quantitative analysis thinks RIL is currently an overvalued share. Click on Reports  for more.
830 per cent of jobs in the UK, 38 per cent of jobs in the US and 21 per cent in Japan could be at high risk of automation. Click on Reports  for more.
8Is the plastics era coming to an end? Click on Reports for more.


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