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Feb 07: 8Find out how one offshore developer has used innovative design to cut the breakeven level to $35/bbl from $85/bbl earlier. Click on Report  for more.
82018 will be a disappointing year in terms of industry earnings, it seems, but the extreme weakness across all tanker categories in January still left many surprised, particularly because there has always been traditional support to the market during the winter season. Spot TCE earnings on the benchmark VLCC trade from the Middle East to Japan (TD3) averaged just under $13,000/day at market speed last month, an unprecedented level for January since the turn of the century. Click on Report for more.
8Know more on how disruption in the electricity industry creates new roles to be played by traditional OEMs along the entire value chain. Click on Report for more.
8BP recorded a a $319-million exploration write-back relating to Block KG D6 in India. In addition, an impairment reversal of $234 million was also recorded in relation to this block. Click on Report  for more.
8Oil subsidies have been assumed to grow by a meagre 2.0% in FY19, despite the upward shift in the trajectory of oil prices. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on how the Budget can provide a big boost to the logistics industry. Click on Report  for more.
8A business development opportunity has come up for diving services in India. Know more click on Report.
8Refinery margins have gone weak and this is likely to impact oil marketing companies. Click on Report for more.


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