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Software Updates : Power Projects
Feb 06: Business Opportunities for an AMC contractor
8Project Name: Thermal Power Station - Annual Maintenance Contractor
8Project Cost: 0.8 crores
8Project Description: The owner  is going on with the construction activities for a greenfield 750 MW (3*250 MW) thermal power plant. The unit-1 and unit-2 (2*250 MW) has been commissioned in 2017. The unit-3 (250 MW) is under construction and expected to get commissioned by July 2018. Annual Maintenance Contractor for CHP, chemical treatment plant has been awarded. The owner will come out with an open bid for selection of an Annual Maintenance Contractor (AMC) for operation and monitoring of AHP, switchyard, among others.
8Project Event: RFQs for an annual maintenance contractor of AHP, Switch-yard are expected by April 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q3:2017
8RFQ Date: Apr/2018
8Release Date: May/2018
8Start Date: Aug/2018
8Completion Date: Sep/2019
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RFQ for FGD package contractor : Getting delayed
8Project Name: Thermal Power Plant- FGD Addition
8Project Cost: 400 crores
8Project Description: The owner's 600 MW (2*300 MW) Thermal Power Station is planning the installation of FGD and upgrading of ESPs. The project is getting delayed on account of delay in approval from CEA apparently because of the inability of the promoter to establish reasonable cost and finding bechmarks.. The installation is expected to begin by the end of March, 2021. RFQs for supply of FGD are expected soon.
8Project Event: RFQs for FGD and upgrading ESPs are expected to be out by Q3 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: 2016
8RFQ Date: Q3:2018
8Release Date: Q4:2018
8Start Date: Q2:2021
8Completion Date: Q3:2023
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