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Feb 05: 8Find out more about how GAIL fast tracking the world to feed gas to the Pradhan Mantri Urja Ganga pipeline. Click on Report for more.
8Also know more on how China's massive One Belt One Road programme seems to have engulfed all of India's neighbors and how its tentacles are expanding to Europe and Africa. India, it seems, can either join in or remain in glorious isolation. Click on Report for more.
8What are the expectations from Gujarat Gas? How much gas will it be able to deliver in the industrial, CNG and PNG segments this year. Find out more Click on Report.
8Why is it that MRPL's GRMs are going to under-perform in the foreseeable future? Know more Click on Report.
8High product stocks, which have been a feature of the market in the wake of strong refining runs in recent years, can be a key barrier to international products trade. Click on Report for more.
8VLCCs spent a slow-paced week searching for a bottom to the market. When is it expected? Click on Report for more.
8What does a forecast of global coal demand using an artificial neural network approach throw up? Find out Click on Report.
8Guard your valves against potential start-up damage. Know more Click on Report.
8The LPG logistics business in India is likely to stay highly lucrative if supply tie-ups are in order and downstream dissemination of the gas to customers is in place. Click on Report for more.
8The website carries here a series of analyses on the budget and its all-round implications. Click on Report for more.


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