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Feb 02: ONGC's capex for 2018-19 is pegged at Rs 32,077 crore as against an outlay of Rs 37,217 crore in 2016-17.
8Flush with funds, IOC has become a big spender too, at Rs 22,862 crore
8HPCL and BPCL are smaller spenders in comparison.
8HPCL has a significantly bigger budget than BPCL while the later has a presence in the E&P sector, including a holding in the Mozambique LNG project, which is capable of big value creation. The project no doubt is fraught with risk but BPCL bagged its equity stake a much lower value than did ONGC and OIL.
8OIL does not see any uptick in its capital expenditure in 2018-19, at Rs 4299 crore, in relation to the current year.
8GAIL's capex is kept at Rs 4592 crore, significantly higher than Rs 3119 crore in 2018-19
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