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Indian refiners face an uncertain future-II: Impact sooner than later
Jan 31: The Indian downstream companies need to take action sooner than later
8They will otherwise struggle with preparing for a disruption with an unclear, yet potentially accelerated, timeline.
8A new approach will be needed to address the hotsopts first and then strike a balance between protecting today’s business and building tomorrow’s.
8When companies understand their exposure, they can begin to determine what kinds of actions to take -- buy, build, or partner in new businesses -- as well as where to act first and ultimately when to take action.
8Refining will likely be the last part of the value chain to feel the impact of the new trends, but it is destined to feel the most pain. With massive assets at stake, refiners need to act before changes hit their radar; if they are reacting
8The problem is it is already a little too late.
8Find out what kind of options are the Indian companies left with
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