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Indian refiners face an uncertain future-III: Retail outlets will face the brunt first
Jan 31: The retail outlet will be the first to feel the brunt of the world going electric.
8In a future world of centralized fleets and at-home, overnight electric refueling, the role and value for these sites will stand diminished.
8Retail owners need to stay agile in order to avoid stranded assets down the road, optimizing the value of their current assets while identifying appropriate sites to acquire or retain that are fit for future refueling patterns.
8Find out why the Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) model is staging a comeback.
8A COCO model allows oil companies direct access to the valuable data required for analysis, greater pricing control, and command of sales of non-fuel products.
8The Indian trio will have to get into new lines of business by partnering or even buying companies outside their industry. For example, a franchise
8A  partnership could be formed with the regional utility company to supply EV charging at favorable rates.
8There are other partnership and buyout models to follow as well
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