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Indian refiners face an uncertain future-IV: How to buy, build or partner new businesses
Jan 31: Find out more about how a future autonomous electric car will look like
8Also know more about how millennials will be the backbone for a sustained MaaS revolution
8Find out by how much electric cars are already saving more money than diesel run mass transportation vehicles
8Also know more about how the entertainment and the electric vehicle industry are now merging to provide 90-minute rides
8Understand how globally more local governments large and small are pursuing initiatives to create smart ecosystems, enabled by sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, to support mobility services, environmental sustainability, and other efforts to improve the lives of their citizens.
8Eventually also figure out how all of this will bite the oil retailer faster than it was thought earlier
8In this context, it is important for the likes of HPCL, BPCL and IOC to understand their exposures, so that they can begin to determine what kinds of actions to take-- buy, build, or partner in new businesses -- as well as where to act first and ultimately when to take action
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