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Software updates: Fertilizer projects
Jan 29: Single Super Phosphate Greenfield Project 
8Cost - Rs 10 Crore
8Project Description:  A Fertilizer Company is awaiting environmental clearance for its Greenfield Single Super Phosphate Unit with a capacity 70000 MTPA  in India. The proposal for environmental clearance has been accepted by the State Level Environment Assessment Authority, The equipment requirements are Cranes, Hoppers, Feeders, Conveyors, Valves, Grinding Mills, Tanks, Separators, Pumps, ID Fans, Collectors, Generators, Mixers, Dens, Scrubbers, Screen, Mill, Elevator, Drum, Furnace, Cyclone, Blower, Belt, Weighing machine and more
8Project Event: RFQ for a contractor is likely to be released in March 2018
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SSP/NPK Greenfield Project       
8Cost - Rs 70 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer Company is in the erection and installing mode for its greenfield SSP and NPK unit with a capacity of 1500 MTPD of SSP, 500 MTPD of NPK and 400 TPD of LABSA in India. The raw material requirements are 875 MTPD of Rock Phosphate, 550 MTPD of Sulphuric acid, and 525 MTPD of Urea/DAP/MOP/SSP respectively.
8Project Event: The project is likely to be commissioned in August 2018 and RFQs for raw materials are likely to be released in August 2018.
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Ammonia-Urea Annual Maintenance Project 
8Cost - Rs 25 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer company is planning an annual shutdown maintenance in November or December 2018 at their existing fertilizer complex in India. The existing capacity is made up of 1520 MTPD of Ammonia, 2610 MTPD of Urea and 50 MW of Captive Power. Pre-Vendor Qualification is necessary for a maintenance contractor.
8Project Event: Tender for a registered maintenance contractor is likely to be released in September 2018
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