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New research dynamics are unfolding-I: Your business model is no longer safe
Jan 29: We haven't seen the end of the clean energy revolution yet. The energy future is changing fast enough but the change can accelerate dramatically in the future.
8At the core of this revolution is the massive rush to develop new, high-performance, low-cost materials that are resilient, safe for humans and the environment, recyclable, and use abundant elements so that they can be deployed globally.
8These new materials can cause the cost of energy to go down to exceeding low levels, thereby bringing about another subsequent revolution in carbon free way of making petrochemicals, fertilizers and chemicals.
8This challenge is now seen not merely as an engineering problem but in a fundamentally different way. And it involves new design principles and the way matter is organized from the atomic to the system scale.
8It is acknowledged that the new search, that will take hundreds or thousands of time more effort than was needed for the Manhattan project that lead to the discovery of the nuclear bomb, is not possible within the existing scientific paradigm where human intuition has a big role.
8If you are an oil & gas practitioner, and if you think your world or business model is safe, then you may be forced to think again sooner than later.
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