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By how much is US LNG profitable in Asia and why has GAIL got it wrong
Jan 29: Find out more on why US LNG has become profitable in the Asian market
8Find out the oil price lines and US LNG breakeven levels in Asia
8What kind of netbacks are available at current crude prices?
8US LNG pricing is taken at HH+15%, Tolling Fee: 2.25$, Shipping: 1.43$ (US East ->Japan, 174k cbm Me-GI or X-DF)
8Oil indexed LNG price is taken at a  Slope: 14% of JCC price with a Constant: 0.5$
8The point to note is that in 2017, average  JCC = 53,3$/b and Henry Hub = 3,0$/Mbtu.
8This makes US LNG be priced at 7.1$/Mbtu and oil-indexed LNG at 8.0$/Mbtu
8The projections for 2018 is positive for US LNG cargoes
8This then begs the question of how GAIL is looking at this business, given its US LNG commitments.
8Did it panic when it decided to go for swaps?
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