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Oil & gas logistics in India-II: Now is the time
Jan 25: Speaking of logistics, the website carries here a comprehensive guide to the opportunities that India provides in the logistics business as a whole and not just in the oil & gas sector.
8A global survey shows India at the No 2 spot in terms of business opportunities, next only to China, in the logistics business.
8The imposition of GST is likely to be extremely beneficial for Indian logistics.
8GST reforms move India much closer to something resembling a country-wide single market because crossing state borders is so much easier.
8This will transform warehousing and transportation networks
8Large companies are expected to reshape their supply chain networks as the new tax regime will no longer incentivise setting up one major warehouse in each state.
8Inventory will be centralized and national warehouse networks will consist of fewer but larger interconnected warehouses.
8A full design is carried here of where warehouses are likely to be located under the new paradigm.
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