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Jan 25: 8Here is an update on how to model the Risk of commercial failure for Hydraulic Fracturing projects due to reservoir heterogeneity. Click on Report for more.
8In non-grid connected oil & gas installations in India, solar power driven energy modules are getting popular along with hybrid micro-girds. Know more. Click on Report.
8Business development opportunities are coming up in an oil & gas SEZ for pipeline laying and other services. Click on Report for more.
8Offshore jacket structures are an important component of the offshore oil & gas industry. Find out more on how they are built and how to optimise them. Click on Report for more.
8Where does MCX-Thomson Reuters India-based oil & gas indices pick up their data from? Find out more. Click on Report.
8RIL is getting into Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Find out how Click on Report.
8IOC has to find a quick solution to optimize its petcoke capacities as environmental concerns mount. Exports could be a way out until long term solution like petcoke gasification units are set in motion. WIth RIL serving as example, there can be business opportunities here for right consultants. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on why India provides great opportunities in the oil & gas sector. Click on Report for more.
8What kind of new technologies can ethanol producers bring on to improve efficiencies. Know more Click on Report.
8The fact that 2017 was not a great year was evident from Rockwell Automation report that say that sales were flat in India whereas they rose in China and elsewhere. Know more Click on Report.
8Has Pakistan been better at reforming its oil & gas sector than India? Perhaps yes. Find out why. Click on Report.
8Saudi Arabia has embarked on a do-or-die reform of its oil & gas sector and the general economy. Economic adjustments and structural reforms are difficult in rentier economies as reforms undermine the ruling bargain giving rising to social and political unrest. How are the internal dynamics working for the country as of now? Find out more. Click on Report.


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