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LNG prices spurt-II: Affordability becomes the key issue now
Jan 24: The key to gas fulfilling its potential role as a ‘transition fuel’ up to and beyond 2030, is that it must be delivered to high-income markets below $8/MMbtu, and to low-income markets below $6/MMbtu (and ideally closer to $5/MMbtu). 
8The major challenge to the future of gas will be to ensure that it does not become (and in many low-income countries remain) unaffordable or uncompetitive, long before its emissions make it unburnable.
8There are many countries including India where therI is an absolute price level, such as $5/MMbtu, above which customers can not afford to purchase the fuel either because of their income level, or because the end-user price level of the final product for which gas is being purchased would be too high.
8That fact that pipeline capacity utilization in India is low is a pointer to the inability of gas suppliers to find affording customers.
8KG Basin suppliers will have to keep these gas ceiling prices in mind while formulating their arithmetic.
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