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Indian E&P professionals back in demand-II: We have put together a multi-disciplinary team
Jan 22: This website too has put together a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team to provide full spectrum E&P services
8The team is made up of active and retired executives of Indian and multinational companies capable of providing the full gamut of services in the E&P sector.
8We provide a low cost option and our team is available for independent third-party validation of E&P interpretation and results.
Among the services we provide are:
8Data Evaluation of Exploratory and Producing blocks across various Basins of India and abroad. 
8Data viewing, both online using virtual data room and hard copies as well as data analysis for evaluating degree of prospectivity of the licensed area. 
8Interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data comprising loading of seismic and well data in workstations using interpretation software. 
8Prepare seismo-geological sections, time and depth maps at various levels, attribute analysis, volumetric analysis of geological reserves and expected ultimate recovery of hydrocarbons. This will help identify prospects and leads at different levels. Finally, identify well locations for drilling exploratory blocks and development programme for producing blocks. 
8We can also help in managing a block or field after acquisition. In this, our services include setting up of project offices and other establishments, arranging manpower (both technical and non technical), getting statutory permissions from the government, following up on commitments towards government entitlements through active liaison with the DGH, undertaking EIA (Environment Impact Analysis), arranging Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation (API), arranging drilling rigs for drilling various exploratory and development wells and workover rigs for well repair and well servicing jobs. 
8We can also work with out clients in the implementing and monitoring of API, preparation of complete well drilling plan with Geo Technical Order (GTO) for drilling locations and workover operations.
8Monitoring and supervision of well site operations during drilling and preparation of well completion reports is something we can do. 
8We follow through our recommendations with subsequent supervision of well testing, reservoir studies, eventually putting wells to production.
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