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LNG prices at record high-I: US cargoes head towards Asia
Jan 22: The cold wave in northern Asia - by far the world’s biggest LNG-consuming region - has also opened up arbitrage opportunities for traders, attracting LNG tankers from the United States
8Spot prices climbed to over $11.70.  Several February cargoes were sold this week at well over $11/mmbtu . Even spot LNG prices traded in the $10 per mmBtu range. Some March bids were reported at $10 per mmBtu.
8The point to note is that Asian spot markets are not only at their highest since November, 2014, but they have also been above oil-linked LNG prices since the beginning of last December - a sign the market is unusually tight.
8Spot LNG  is clearly more expensive than this oil-indexed gas - which currently costs around $8.50 per mmBtu
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