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LNG prices at new high-IV: US lobbies fight for permissions
Jan 22: High LNG prices driven by strong Asian demand has got lobbies in the US working hard to get permissions for new LNG terminals to come up.
8The pro LNG terminal lobby is arguing for quick approvals as new LNG projects are multiyear, multi-billion dollar efforts, claiming that they shouldn’t be held hostage by changing politics.
8There’s a tight window to capture market share and the time is now, the lobby is trying to project.
8While the pro LNG lobby claims that new terminals are going to create jobs, the anti LNG lobby seems to be saying exactly the opposite
8This group is of the view that LNG export terminals keep domestic gas prices high, create shortages and kill jobs
8Find out more on how gas lobbies pull in different directions and how US policy is shaped in the midst of such contradicting forces
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