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Crude and gas output down-II: Will it get worse before it improves?
Jan 22: India's current gas production system seems to be bad shape
8The KG- OSN-2001/3 block is not producing much and there is a gross underperformance of its wells.
8RIL's Sohagpur West isn't able to maintain output as well
8The Raniganj East field of Essar too is closing some wells as its sole offtakers has reduced consumption
8The bad news is that RIL has announced the closure of one more well last month due to high water production.
8In the Panna-Mukta, production is lower.
8India will have to wait a little longer before fresh production comes in later in 2018 from ONGC new fields
8A step up in production is expected from 2019 and going through 2020 and 2021
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