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OALP launch-I: Many basins show an increase in prognosticated reserves
Jan 19: Bid Round I under Open Acreage Licensing (OAL) Programme for international competitive bidding was launched on January 18
8The e-bidding portal and the Notice Inviting Offer (NIO) are out.
8The EOI submission system already shows widespread interest across different geographies in India, even in areas which were earlier thought to be non-prospective.
8The website carries here a spatial description of National Data Repository information across India in terms of oil logs as well as 2D and 3D seismic data
8A 10 minutes by 10 minutes grid picture is also carried here of the Indian data
826 sedimentary basins with a total area of 3.36 sq km covering onland, shallow water and deepwater areas are covered in the database. The data is organized into the smallest possible units thereafter within these basins
8Fresh studies have shown an almost 50% increase in hydrocarbon resources
8A big feature of the new system is the opening up of the Kutch region where the undiscovered prognosticated resources are assumed to be 8271 mmtoe in relation to discovered resources of a mere 71 mmtoe.
8The Saurashtra Basin, offshore and onshore, has even higher unprognosticated resources
8There are lots of undiscovered plays in the well-explored Mumbai Basin as well
8The KG Basin has notched up the highest levels of available hydrocarbon reserves but given treacherous geology, exploration will not be a simple job.
8The Assam Self and the Assam Arakan fold have come up with large untapped resources as well
8Rajasthan has thrown up a lot of surprises too
8Play-wise resource estimation is given here. Several new basins have been opened up, with good prognosticated reserves.
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