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Technological disruptions: Myth and reality
Jan 19: Here are some interesting facets to the ongoing technological disruption in the global energy market which have relevance for India
8Despite many government announcements and strong press coverage regarding vehicle electrification, there are dramatically new alternative technologies which can upset the applecart yet. Find out more on what these alternatives are and how they are gaining traction. It is still an open bet on which technology will emerge a winner.
8Fully  autonomous vehicles are still some years away, and will be context-specific. A vehicle running in California cannot suddenly be adopted to Delhi.
8Cost is one among multiple factors in the scaling up of battery manufacturing. There are other factors too which Indian policy makers will have to take into account when working on indigenizing technology.
8Grid management is critical to electric vehicle (EV) adoption. And there are lessons here for the government.
8Automobile manufacturers will need to restructure their business models around value creation rather than being component centric.
8Technology diffusion goes beyond cost-competitiveness. And that is a big lesson for India
8Emerging markets will also adopt EVs, driven primarily by government policy but outcomes will differ. China will forge a different path from India
8Automation, electrification and shared mobility imply very different types of impacts in different combinations for different countries and it will not be a smooth ride.
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