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LNG industry: In constant turmoil
Jan 19: The LNG industry is going through a transformation in scale and outlook.
8Buyers are increasingly reluctant to follow the path they had taken before
8Contracts are being re-written and every supplier now fears what the next contract renewable will have in store
8New funding matrices are being built for LNG terminals without long term contracts but will these help the Mozambique project? Find out how the possibility of short term contacts and full merchant exposures are creating what are called "two phase" projects. How will high risk counterparty contacts be valued by creditors?
8Qatar is going to another phase of LNG expansion but unable to work out long term contacts, will it just become a low cost producer willing to take in anyone who is willing to buy, regardless of the transaction mode?
8LNG shipping is going through a massive transformation. Find out how new technology is allowing for slow steaming and how this is changing the nature of the spot business game. What is being made of old, inefficient ships which can no longer compete in the market place?
8The enthusiasm for "emerging Asia" seems to be waning a little bit. Find out why
8Get a full lowdown on India's LNG contracts and their start and end dates
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