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Software updates: Fertilizer projects
Jan 19: Ammonia-Urea Energy Saving Project   
8Cost - Rs 250 Crore
8Project Description:  A dertilizer company is planning to reduce its urea consumption matrices. The capacity of the ammonia plant is 1045 MTPD and the urea capacity is 1475 MTPD. The equipment requirements are Gas Turbine Generation, Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Pumps, Motors and more.The Project Consultant is PDIL. Expression of Interest Out.
8Project Event: EOI is out and the last date for submission is 19 February 2018.
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Naptha to Natural Gas Feedstock Conversion Project       
8Cost - Rs 250 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer Company has already completed some of the modification jobs to change its feedstock from Naptha to Natural gas in India.  A Project Consultant is helping out. Modifications in Ammonia Plant is being implemented due to changeover from naptha to gas.
8Project Event: Equipment purchase is going on.
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