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IOC: Can it go small?
Jan 17: Indian Oil Corporation's tie-ups with two new technology Israeli companies, one that is looking at a dramatically new energy storage technology and another conducting cutting edge new-tech research not just on new energy but bio and nano technology have raised some quizzical eyebrows among industry watchers.
8Is the refining giant taking the first steps towards looking at an alternate non-fossil based future?
8Clearly, the scale of such diversions may look limited as of now but the future is uncertain and it is quite possible that some of these new-edge technology can march rapidly forward.
8Is it possible that IOC combine its financial heft and its all-India network with Israeli knowhow to push new technology into the Indian firmament?
8The question then is whether IOC is capable of thinking small and then scaling big given its rigid institutional structure? Some big companies are capable of doing it but most are unsuccessful.
8This is where the policy planner and the IOC brass can step in by creating flexible internal structures that can push such innovation fearless forward
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