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First-of-its-kind contact database: List of all procurement managers in the oil & gas indusry.
Jan 17:  We have built a unique first-of-its-kind database of oil gas contacts in the country.
8Unlike a regular directory, every contact in our project monitoring software comes with a rich tapestry of information on the industrial facility and the unit in which the contact is present, along with attendant business development prospect, if any, around the contact. Every contact information is validated by our team of in-house analysts -- who are all mechanical engineers rigorously trained to look for little details -- on a regular three-monthly basis.
Around a contact within an industrial facility we give you a whole lot of additional information including:
-- Technology parameters
-- Design and actual Input-Output data for every raw material and product
-- Multi-parameter utility matrix
-- Long term maintenance contracts
-- Feedstock data
-- NIC codes
8A facility is further split up into its individual units and for each unit we have a similar set of parameters as in the facility
8And for each unit or facility, we have a resultant business development prospect, either in terms of maintenance prospect or a capital project, be an additional expansion or debottlenecking or a revamp or a new capital project
8The point to note is that we are always looking ahead and never behind, giving you exclusive information not on a tender that is already out but on a genuine future prospect, which may be a month, six months, a year or two years away from being tendered out.
8Having worked in the business for more than two decades, we know what you are looking for.
8India has so far had a poor business prospect database because the existing databases do not fulfill the requirements of a business development manager. What we have done is just plugged that gap
8For you, a deal can just be a phone call away
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