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Pawan Hans: Time to take it off service
Jan 16: ONGC's officers and workmen had repeatedly pointed out the need to abandon the helicopter service operated by Pawan Hans in the past but such pleas had fallen on deaf ears.
The following written warnings were sent to the company brass from those officers and men who fly in the helicopters
8"The service has deeply deteriorated to the extent that it has become most uncertain, and unsafe for flying"
8"The horrifying fact is, maintenance of Helicopter is done in front of the crew, where they witness even total engine getting replaced, creating an immense feeling of personal insecurity when taking off from a platform in such helicopters."
8"We are given to understand that Pawan Hans is facing an acute shortage of skilled manpower as well as spares. Base spares and even entire engines from other helicopters are used to keep some crafts flying."
8"The immediate need of the hour is to investigate reasons for poor performance of PH"
8ONGC employees had even threatened to boycott flying by Pawan Hans, claiming that private operators provide far better service than its own carrier
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