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Jan 16: 8Qatar has the most favorable entrepreneurial ecosystem among 14 Arab countries and ranks in 22nd place among 137 countries around the world. Time for Indian companies to step in? Click on Report for more. 
8In the face of rising demand, the world is looking at a deficit of 430,000 b/d in 2018 compared to 100,000 b/d earlier, and thus the projection is that Brent crude oil prices averaging $64/b in 2018 compared to $56 earlier. Click on Report for more. 
8Find out why an exhaustive quantitative analysis has found both Cummins India and Reliance Industries to be over priced at this juncture. Click on Report for more. 
8charging is not going to be all that simple. The high charging loads of the fast charging stations results in increased peak load demand, reduced reserve margins, voltage instability, and reliability problems. The Indian system is just not geared up as of now. Click on Report for more. 
8Theme: The U.S.-India relationship has tremendous potential. Working together, the world’s two largest democracies can advance prosperity, security, and sustainable development for themselves and others around the world. Read a series of recent papers on this theme. Click on Report for more. 
8Industrial Coatings Market Research Report- Forecast to 2022. Know more Click on Report
8The Bangladesh economy is growing rapidly and it has been able to dramatically reduce its poverty levels. And yet there are challenges. Click on Report for more. 
8If you are keen on electric cars, here is a comparison of the best models to chose from. Click on Report for more. 
8GAIL has appointed a new CVO. Click on Report for more. 
8Blockchain and the oil sector: Is there something coming up? Click on Report for more. 
8Get the latest update on the crude shipping market. Click on Report for more. 
8Oil majors are raking in much higher gas prices now. Find how much more it is. Click on Report.


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