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Water treatment: The next big opportunity
Jan 16: The water treatment industry is in for a major expansion.
8It is predicted that global water demand would grow by 55% during 2011-2050 - largely fueled by population growth - which would make the world face a 40% water deficit. By some study, global fresh water availability would decline by nearly 7% for every degree increase in climatic temperature.
8More alarming is the water mismanagement problem in Indian than in most other developing economies because, by some estimates, nearly 70% of the sewage generated in India remains untreated and just 10% of the wastewater is treated - dismally less compared to Indonesia (14%) and Philippines (10%).
8No less gruesome, however, is India's deplorable water treatment capacity in Class I and Class II cities - 18% and 8% respectively; metro's still venerable at 51%.
8A big opportunity awaits here for willing entrepreneurs.
8The website also carries here a case study of a company which has made it big in this business. And it can serve as a template
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