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Solar tariffs are set to slide until 2022 but India won't be the beneficiary
Jan 15: Solar tariff rates are falling rapidly as a consequence of technological innovation, economies of scale and extremely competitiveness.
 8In this context, the website carries here is a series of documents to show how these enabling conditions will not be available in India subsequent to anti-dumping duties on solar panels. These duties are an attempt to boost domestic industrial output.
8The advances in technology and scale garnered by Chinese companies are unlikely to be replicated by the Indian industry even if it is handed over a captive solar market.
8The cost and benefits of giving a leg-up to the domestic industry has not been balanced with the economy-wide consequences of not allowing solar tariff rates to fall as will be the case elsewhere in the world have not been fully worked out.
8 Find out more about the politics involved, and the accompanying data on imports, cost competitiveness and future projections on how global solar prices going to continue falling with the exception of India
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