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Jan 15: 8Myanmar had recently changed its tax laws and FDI rules. This may be of interest for those with an eye on our neighbour.Click on Report for more.
8A list of tankers sold in the past one week is carried here along with the names of the transaction partners and their prices. A similar list of ships which are headed for demolition is also documented. Click on Report for more.
8If you have piled up many years of experience as a ship broker with a large country, is it time for you to fork out and become an independent consultant? Find out how easy or difficult it be from someone who has taken the plunge. Click on Report for more.
8Compressors are a key requirement in the energy sector. Here are details of a big global compressor company, with a presence in the upstream, refining, industrial gas, gas transportation and storage and petrochemical segments, willing to expand its footprint in India. Click on Report for more.
8How is GAIL's plan to expand the Urja Ganga gas pipeline to the North East of India pan out? Within the North East too, there are plans to build a network of pipelines by a consortium of public sector companies. Click on Report for more.
8Here are details of a high quality ball valves supplier to the oil & gas industry. Know more on what it has to offer. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on why BP is an over valued stock as of now. Click on Report for more.
8Port inspections show a large number of "high risk" vessels docked at Indian ports. This holds true for both Indian and foreign vessels. 
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