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Software updates: Oil and Gas Projects.
Jan 15: 8Project Name: Oilfield Development.
8Project Cost: Rs 200 crore.
8Project Description: Promoter is planning the development of an onshore block. The project involves development drilling of development wells, installation of 19 EPS and laying of a 4 or 6-inch pipeline from oilfield to the nearest Early Production System (EPS). Currently, the product is in the engineering phase. The environment clearance for the project has already been granted in December 2017. As many as 19 Early Production Systems are expected to be completed on EPC basis. Further RFQs are expected shortly.
8Project Event:A prequalification criterion meeting for project requirements is expected by mid-February 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q4/2017
8RFQ Date: Feb/2018
8Release Date: Mar/2018
8Start Date: Oct/2018
8Completion Date: Oct/2020
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8Project Name: Mining Lease Block Development: RFQs changed to February.
8Project Cost: Rs 60 crore
8Project Description: RFQs for promoter's proposed developmental drilling of oil wells for incremental production of Heavy Oil from Mining Lease Area have been delayed. The project has been listed out as an expansion project in the already existing well development drilling programme going on at the existing facility. Meanwhile, the rig for the project has also been finalized. RFQs for the following equipment -- Coupling, Xmas Tree, Tanking Facilities, Safety Valves etc -- are expected shortly.
8Project Event: RFQ for equipment is expected by February end 2018 instead of December 2017.
RFQ for hiring a Civil Contractor is expected by end-March 2018 instead of January 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q1/2017
8RFQ Date: Feb/2018
8Release Date: Apr/2018
8Start Date: June/2018
8Completion Date: Mar/2019
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8Project Name: Refinery Brownfield Expansion
8Project Cost: Rs 22000 Crore
8Project Description: An existing company is currently going through an approval process involving sanction from the public investment Board for expansion of its capacity from 3 MMTPA to 9 MMTPA at its refinery along with a cross country crude oil pipeline either from Haldia to Paradip. At present, the detail feasibility report has been prepared by Engineers India limited. There seems to be a delay in the governmental approval process of now, Clarifications are also sought on the hiring of LSTK and EPC contractors for the project.
8Project Event: RFQ for hiring a contractor to be expected by March 2018 instead of January 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q1:2017
8RFQ Date: Mar/2018
8Release Date: Apr/2018
8Start Date: Q4:2018
8Completion Date: Q4:2022
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8Project Name: Greenfield LPG Bottling Plant
8Project Cost: Rs 161 Crore
8Project Description: An existing company is planning to set up an LPG Bottling Plant with a capacity of 120000 MTPA by installing 3 X 600 MT mounded storage vessels
8Project Event: RFQ for Project Management Consultant is expected by March 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q3:2017
8RFQ Date: Mar/2018
8Release Date: Apr/2018
8Start Date: Q2:2018
8Completion Date: Q2:2020
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