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Big data analytics-II: Data is flowing in like never before
Jan 09: There are now softwares that can do millions of calculations on oil field equipment such as christmas trees, manifolds, separators, compressors and other components
8This helps engineering team to spot excursions from normal operating limits.
8Previously those same engineers would spend hours collating and studying the data for such excursions.
8This data is now available immediately on a user-friendly, colour-coded, web interface.
8The time saved can be used to run analytics and attend to equipment or processes that might need attention.
8The next step will be to identify not only excursions but anomalies that could lead to excursions - enabling engineers to identify operational performance issues and intervene before they become significant.
8Engineering would then be all about actions – redesigning, reprogramming, fixing and improving things, rather than looking for or struggling with data and making meaning out of it.
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