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Big data analytics-IV: Digitization transforming customer relationships.
Jan 09: Beyond the upstream sector, digitization is also transforming customer relationships.
8A new app now being piloted, enables motorists to pay for fuel using phones inside their cars.
8Another app is piloting, a platform which helps consumers find a workshop to service their car, view workshop ratings, book and pay for servicing the vehicle.
8Meanwhile, apps are now offering pilots and operators aviation fuel at the touch of a button at airports worldwide
8Then again, refining teams are now using sensors and drones to inspect infrastructure and digital systems for asset maintenance.
8New applications are now seeping into other segments of the energy sector. For example, wind turbines are now operated remotely, monitoring weather conditions, even a snake entering a sub station and tripping a breaker. Predictive maintenance services are now being offered for wind turbines.
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