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Jan 08: 8Nuclear power plants are used only for electricity generation so far. But a new generation of plants are coming up which can be used for diverse purposes, such as desalination of water or heating or hydrogen co-generation. Click on Reports for more.
8Despite the economic blockade by its neigbhours, Qatar seems to be thriving. Find out more.Click on Reports.
8Get the latest maritime security review report. Click on Reports for more.
8Bangladesh seems to be pushing its LNG agenda with a great amount of speed. Given inadequate domestic gas production, LNG seems to be a way out. Realistically however, the market is smaller than it was thought earlier. Find out more. Click on Report
8Bribery by foreign companies to Indian officials has been in the limelight in 2017. Find out more. Click on Report .
8Business confidence in advanced countries have risen higher than those in developing countries. Find out more.Click on Report.
8Given the huge demand for electric vehicles in India against the stated goal of going all electric by 2030, India should emerge as a hub for battery technology and electric cars. But has it lost the race already? Know more. Click on Report.
8Find out more on an international pump manufacturer who is looking to establish a stronger footprint in India. Know more. Click on Report
8Welspun continues to look for new markets globally for its pipes. Click on Reports for more


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