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Jan 05: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Transportation of Pressure Vessels Details
Expert Supervision services during repair/ overhauling of FGRS Liquid Ring Compressor of Flare Area at refinery Details
8Hiring of services for conducting Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Quantitative Risk Analysis of GAIL Gas Limited Details
8Procurement of Transparent Type Level Gauges Details
8Hiring of services for civil jobs for long term protection measures of Hydrocarbon Pipelines Details
8Expression of Interest for Shutdown Maintenance Works during shutdown Details
8Supply of Non Invasive Fluid Additive Details

8Supply of Spares for Control Valves at refinery Details
8Procurement of Studs at refinery Details
8Mechanical hot and cold jobs comprising maintenance of Heat exchangers, columns vessels, reactor, furnace, piping, structural and other miscellaneous jobs during planned and unplanned shutdowns in FY 2018-19 at refinery Details
8Carrying out Emergency Shutdown Maintenance Jobs at refinery  Details
8Supply, Installation and Commissioning of PLC based Hot Air Sealing Machine at LPG Bottling Plant Details
8Consultancy services for ISO certification of Devanagonthi LPG Bottling Plant Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:  
8Quest for new oil discoveries by top companies still on back burner Details
8U.S. shale producer Cabot Oil boosts dividend by 20 percent Details
8Russian natural gas exports to Europe hit all-time high in 2017 Details
8Indonesia to extend biodiesel subsidy to mining sector this year Details
8No benefit to people from oil money going to govt: Congress Details
8EU clears Greek auction scheme for renewable energy Details
8Incentives likely for companies to enhance output from ageing oil & gas fields Details
8Oil's not well, crude worry on horizon Details
8DNA Money Edit: Spurt in crude prices bad news for India Details
8Adani raises gas prices Details
8Trump administration to open most US waters to offshore oil drilling Details
8Blame China for higher CNG, PNG prices Details
8BSE to start bullion futures; metals, crude oil and natural gas to follow Details
8Crude oil prices at 2.5-year high Details
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