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GAIL in trouble-VI: More horse sense than predictive modeling
Jan 04: GAIL's attempt at playing the volatile LNG market will be tested by at least one of its swap arrangements.
8The attempt by GAIL to take delivery of oil-indexed LNG in return for Henry Hub based FOB sale from its US commitment will be watched keenly by analysts. 
8Most believe that deal was made on the basis of horse sense instead of any complicated predictive modeling. 
8Will such kind of gambling really work?
8The fact is that after the oil price crash, GAIL's 5 MMTPA of US LNG offtake commitments are no longer viable for the Indian market and swapping will not mitigate or take away this underlying problem
8Unfortunately, GAIL has not invested enough in acquiring the prerequisites to become a global gas trader and it faces many disadvantages that its competitors or counterparties do not
8GAIL is both outgunned and outmaneuvered. 
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