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GAIL in trouble-IX: 22 people dead but who will bell the cat?
Jan 04: The GAIL pipeline blast killed 22 people on June 27, 2014. Twenty two people died and 40 were injured.
8An investigation was done and GAIL was found responsible for severe lapses.
8The gas major was found to be repairing the pipeline on a regular basis using temporary measures. 
8The pipeline was designed for dry gas while wet gas was allowed to be plied. 
8A dehydration plant was meant to set up but never was.
8There were suggestions made to use corrosion inhibitor but that was ignored by GAIL
8Scrapper pigging was not carried out in the pipeline even though that was essential to take out water and condensate
8No procedures were laid down on how temporary repairs should be carried out and this was the main reason why the blast occurred.
8A rig residue analysis, which is important to understand the health of a pipeline system, was never carried out
8Worst was that the command control structure that was an essential part of the safety regulations was there only on paper. 
8What were the consequences: 22 innocent people were burnt to death in their sleep and many more were injured. 
8What action action was taken against the management of GAIL: Nothing at all!
8Did anyone go to jail for loss of lives on account of willful neglect?: No!
8Was there a criminal charge on any GAIL official for loss of lives? No!
8Was anyone punished or sacked: No!
8This incident and its aftermath is a telling commentary on how the oil and gas industry functions in India. 
8And the Modi government needs to fix this anomaly with utmost urgency.
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