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New Small Scale LNG Concept-I: Can be applied to India
Dec 29: A unique fast-track, low capex Small Scale LNG (SSLNG) project has just been launched in Africa and can be a model for India as well.
8The “Proof of Concept” SSLNG uses flexible multigas vessels to provide near and medium term LNG
8The vessels have a shallow draft, which means they can operate in smaller ports with water draft and with length restrictions and limited access to a jetty in port.
8The vessels can load at conventional LNG terminals with its multiple height manifolds, and the vessels can arrange to offload where there is no jetty or limited jetty capability. There is a unique patented on-board LNG re-liquefaction plant that handle boil-off (BOGs)
8In addition, the cargo system can withstand pressure and the deck tank is designed for easy change of grade, allowing for efficiency and flexibility.
8Essentially, stranded assets can be provided gas at very short notice and in flexible quantities.
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