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New Small Scale LNG Concept-II: How does it work?
Dec 29: This is how the SSLNG concept works:
Offshore: Large scale LNG terminal anywhere in the world: Offshore Loading LNG from large LNGC’s to small LNGC’s by ship-to-ship transfer (STS).
8In Port, Shallow Waters: Loading LNG from small LNGC’s to FSU’s by ship-to-ship transfer (STS).
8LNG Truck Loading: Loading LNG from FSU’s to trucks with ISO tanks by flexible hose facility.
8LNG Fuelling Station: Fuelling trucks and heavy transportation vehicles with LNG or CNG.
8Power Plant: Regasification of LNG for power production, supplying electricity for the grid.
8Industrial Area: Supplying LNG by trucks to industrial users.
8Retail Area: Supplying LNG to villages or cities with residences, office buildings, banks, hospitals etc.
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