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Pet Coke: How India became a dumping ground
Dec 29: Find out how India has become the dumping ground for the global pet coke industry
8In the US, the use of PetCoke in power generation has plummeted due to heavy restrictions.
8Until 2014, China was the biggest buyer of US Petcoke. But sulphur restrictions and local bans on new power plants have closed this supply from US.
8Import of pet coke is under the Open General Licence (OGL). Not restricted like other hHazardous substances
8Import of Petcoke increased more than 14 times, since 2010-11 -- Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 45.92%.
8Lower prices incite petcoke use. Under GST, these fuels are in 18%  slab. But Input tax under GST is credited back to the industry, -- effective tax rate is 0%
8Cleaner alternatives such as Natural Gas and Electricity are taxed high – as high as 26% in some states.
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