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Dec 28: 8$15 billion Indian plan for a land-sea route to Afghanistan: The Iranian port of Chabahar provides India with an easier land-sea route to Afghanistan. The Indian government has committed $500 million to Chabahar but that will be only a part of a sprawling artery of roads and railways which is estimated to cost $15 billion. India has finalized a plan to build a 900 km railroad from the Afghan province of Bamiyan to Chabahar Port. It has also already spent $100 million on building a 220km road in the Afghan province of Nimruz, which will be extended to Chabahar. Find out more on India's grand plans. Click on Report for more.
8Gas compression and dehydration business offers high returns: Find out how operating margins of up to 35% are possible. Click on Report for more.
8India is set to surpass China as the biggest importer of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) this month. Find out more about what are the implications of this change. Click on Report for more.
8Transformation of Asian Oil Fields Ltd: Find out more on the dramatic transformation of Asian Oil Fields Ltd after its takeover by Oilmax. The company sees a massive opportunity not just in the seismic industry but in the O&M segment, among others, not just in India but abroad. Click on Report for more. 
8New 3D seismic technology: A new multi-channel 3D cable-less real time seismic data acquisition technology is changing the dynamics of the Indian seismic industry. Click on Report for more.
8A pilot electric vehicle charging network coming up. The government is putting up the network in a hurry to test out whether the model will work. Find out more. Click on Report.
8Bharat Forge Ltd (BFL) is betting big on a push from the oil & gas industry. This will be on the back of the Make in India initiative. Find out more. Click on Report.
8The American Chamber of Commerce's pre-budget memorandum: The oil & gas sector figures prominently in it. Find out what specific issues about the industry bother the Chamber. Click on Report for more.
8There is a big SAP conference coming up in the oil & gas industry. Predictive maintenance, digital transformation, supply chain management, digital refinery, project planning, digital energy networking are among the issues to be discussed. Find out how you can benefit. Click on Report for more.
8What is the future of coal-based generation in India. Get into a discussion on the subject, if you are interested. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on how HMEL gets one of the highest propylene yields in the country. Click on Report for more.
8Singed by riots, Myanmar may not seem like an attractive destination for Indian capital but it still is. Find out how. Click on Report for more. 
8The bulls are in control in the international crude market and the Asian premium is holding firm. click on Report for more.
8Indian companies have done well in the latest 2017 global rankings. Know more. Click on Report.


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