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Linear programming throws up a 5 MMTPA refinery expansion
Dec 28: The website carries here a comprehensive Linear Programming (LP) model used by the oil & gas consultant to arrive at an optimal refinery configuration involving an expansion in India
8LP is a mathematical technique for determining the most optimum allocation of resources to achieve a particular objective when there are alternative uses for the resources.
8Optimizing the operation of refinery or the determination of the optimal configuration is a typical application of linear programming.
8The refinery is described by a set of given equations and/ or inequalities involving variables, and solved by finding the non-negative values of these variables which satisfy the equations and inequalities while also maximizing profits.
8This analysis involved the creation of a model that represented nearly 2000 equations and more than 2000 variables.
8The end result is an upcoming 5 MMTPA expansion and all other attendant relationships
8Find out the full range of parameters which get thrown up from this programming model.
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