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Software updates: Fertilizer projects
Dec 27: Energy Saving-cum- Ammonia-Urea Expansion Project 
8Cost - Rs 540 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer Company has hired an EPC contractor, which has completed the Detailed Feasibility Report for the energy saving-cum-expansion project which will reduce energy consumption of urea from 6.5 Gcal/t to 5.75 Gca//t, ammonia from 9.6 Gcal/ ton to 8 Gcal /ton while enhancing ammonia capacity from 240900 MTPA to 328500 MTPA and urea from 419750 MTPA to 569400 MTPA in India. The project currently awaits environment clearance. The EPC contractor will begin taking out RFQs for equipment shortly. The equipment requirements are Compressors, Turbines, Exchangers, Vaporizers, Subcoolers, Filters, Pumps, Heaters, Towers, Vessels, Storage systems, Cooler, Furnaces, Stacks, Converters, Boilers, Drums, Blowers, Economizers, Preheaters, Reactors, Tanks, Reactors, Evaporators, Condensers, Separators, Ejectors, Absorbers, Prilling towers, Absorbers, Heat exchangers, Columns Generators and many more
8Project Event: RFQ for equipment is likely to be released in Q1 2018
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SSP-Sulphuric Acid & NPK Fertilizer Expansion Project
8Cost - Rs 75 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer Company is awaiting environmental clearance for the expansion of its Single Super Phosphate capacity from 140000 TPA to 580000 TPA, Granulated NPK Fertilizer from 45000 TPA to 440,000 TPA and Sulphuric acid from 40000 TPA to 140000 TPA in India. The equipment requirements are Crane, Hopper, Feeder, Conveyor, Valve, Grinding Mill, Tank, Separator, Pump, ID Fan, Collector, Generator Mixer, Den, Scrubber, Screen, Mill, Elevator, Drum, Furnace, Cyclone, Blower, Fan, Belt, Weighing machine, Steam Turbine Generators, Economizers, Reheaters, Boilers, Sulphur Combustor, Drying Towers, Absorbers, Absorber Exchangers, Sulphur filters, Sulphuric Melting Tank, motor, Pumps and more
8Project Event: RFQ for a contractor is likely to be released in January 2018.
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