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The future is electric-I: Latest projections
Dec 26: The evolution of the electric car is of profound interest to the oil & gas industry in India which still hasn't factored in the coming revolution
8The mileage projections of EVs are is growing. What was projected in 2015 is significantly lower than what is the reality now. The average mileage of a car is now around 500 km. Mileage projections made in 2017 are carried here up to 2030 as per vehicle type
8Latest battery pack cost projections by 2030 by leading research agencies are also carried here. The low side of the estimate pegs it at very competitive $73 per kwh
8The likely prices of different types of EVs going up to 2030 are projected here as well. Cost per mile is going down rapidly.
8Fuel cell vehicles are also going to be rapidly on the rise
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