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The future is electric-II: EVs are getting more economical
Dec 26: Where is India headed now in the electric vehicle revolution?
8Latest data indicate that the annual total cost (ATC) of ownership of a commercial three-wheeler is already lower than a conventional unit and post BS-VI, the differential will widen to 25%. What is more, the purchase cost too is expected to be lower. A mild push by the government can bring about a wholesale transformation of the market
8The ATC of a two wheeler is currently 6% higher than its petrol counterpart but post BS-VI, this cost will be 13% lower, according to latest estimates. The purchase cost will equal out too
8As for commercial passenger vehicles, current ATC is 18% higher but post BS-VI, the cost will come down by 4%. The purchase cost of a diesel vehicle will be higher than an EV while petrol cars will be cheaper.
8As for privately owned vehicles, the ATC differential will come down from 40% now to 10% post BS-VI.
8A component-wise cost structure comparison of a conventional and a battery car is given here, showing where the differentials arise
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